Sunday, 24 January 2016

Why Aim for Financial Freedom?

Tony Robbins said 'Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want'. 
To my mind this epitomises financial freedom, or at least financial freedom allows one to achieve success, as defined above. 
We are all human, with human needs..... and desires. The reality for most is that we are so busy working, commuting, struggling to even just survive that we do not have the opportunity to really live to our full potential.... to enjoy our lives. 
If we had as much money as we needed to live, we would not automatically have great lives or be our best selves, but at least we would have the time and opportunity to work on ourselves and our lives and improve them. 
We would have more time with our children, our family and friends. More time for ourselves, to read to nurture our minds, to exercise or do yoga, to improve our health and well-being, to meditate to enhance our spirit and our connection to others and the world. We would have more time to do whatever we chose, or to just 'be'. 
The reality is that being able to earn a living without the long hours and toil would give us real freedom. 
If financial freedom is achieved, some may choose to carry on their current lifestyle with improvements without financial pressure, others may choose to buy bigger homes, vehicles and travel the world. Each person is FREE to choose. Having the choice is freedom in itself. 
We all deserve, as human beings, to live a life that is free from stress, money worries and excessive toil and to have free time, energy and mental clarity to enjoy our lives. 
I have been happily working in healthcare for the last 15 years, having completed my degree. However, now that I am a single parent, I feel the need to change my life, to initially replace my regular income and eventually be financially free, so that I can provide for my child, as well as spend more time with him. I would love to remove the four hour, round trip between London and Surrey, three long days a week and have time to do what I want. 
My aim in life in to help you improve your life for the better, as well as my own. I have already started my journey and I will endeavour to share with you all that I have been through and my current experiences, as I progress, so that together we can achieve the lives of freedom we desire. 
As Tony Robbins said 'At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever'. Let's make a decision today, to become financially free and change our lives forever. 

Wishing you love, happiness, peace and success,

Shaleza xx

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