Thursday, 17 September 2015

Everything Happens for a Reason

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Everything happens for a reason, whether it be an event, a change in circumstance or a chance meeting. We may not know why it has occurred or even what impact it will have on our lives. 
It may have happened to change our thinking, or we may have come upon someone who will change our lives forever, or not. 
We may never even consider the effect on ourselves or on our lives, because we are so busy rushing from pillar to post, forgetting to be aware of ourselves and mindful of our lives in general. 
It is especially difficult to accept that everything happens for a reason when we are going through hard times and our sufferance is great. It is at these times that things happen to teach us a lesson and they help us to become who we are. 
During these hard times, it is important to remember that the God/ the universe always has our best interest at heart. Remember that we will survive and come out of any negative event, circumstance or relationship much stronger, wiser and better people. 
All of us are unique, gifted and blessed human beings. We need to believe in ourselves and the goodness of life. Staying positive is a must under any circumstance. 
Live in the present moment. Do not waste time and energy being upset about the past or worrying about the future. The only time that is real is now. 
Love and be loved, but do not depend on others for your happiness. Accept yourself and love yourself. Know that you are worthy and that you are more than enough in your entirety. You are strong enough to survive and to be content in your own skin. 
Love yourself, believe in yourself and do not doubt that you will succeed in all your endeavours. You are amazing. You are the superb you. 
Wishing you all love, peace and happiness always, 
Shaleza xx
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