Friday, 26 June 2015

Six Years Without Michael Jackson

Six years ago we prematurely lost the Legend that was Michael Jackson,

From an early age his life was spent entertaining us - the world - despite the trials and tribulations he suffered in his own life.

Musically and theatrically, he was a genius without boundaries, always captivating us and astounding us. We were ready for him to continue forever. His music lives on in all of us who love him.

He was a quiet, introverted soul despite the public persona. A gentle, kind, generous human being, who was a prominent part of the lives of those of us who followed him.

The lyrics he wrote implied that he wanted change, for us to live in a better world. To do that we all 'need to make a change' in ourselves, so we can provide a better world for ourselves and our children.

Michael, we miss you and love you. The world is not the same without you, but your music lives on and we will endeavour to make this a better place,

Shaleza x 

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