Monday, 22 June 2015

Success: How Big or Small to Be Called a Success?

Success is an achievement of a goal, small or large. It doesn't have to be big or extraordinary that the whole world have to know as a breaking news on TV! But it still can be an achievement that will make one proud.

In general, I am assuming, most of us are procrastinators. We like to put off our tasks and activities on hold due to laziness or whatever reason! These actions lead to incomplete work and activities! As a result, our work keeps on piling up, and our motivation and desire dwindles further!
So you see where am I going with this issue? Does it sound familiar? For example, we all have dealt with an untidy, cluttered Desk, Whether it be at home or the office. We keep telling ourselves that it needs cleaning. But we don't do it! The reason, We don't have a motivation to clean it though our desire to do so is intense. The inertia have settled in our mind looking at the piles of incomplete tasks!
Here what we need is a push or a strong desire to start the job and in no time the desk will be clean and tidy, and we will feel great!
Now, what did we achieve by completing this simple task? A huge success! Tremendous satisfaction and a sense of relief.
The desk is looking great after the cleaning. It was an easy task, but the procrastination held us back from cleaning it. Here this inertia was hindering the success. If we can garner this of passion in our life and take up the challenge, don't our desk and our life could become uncluttered for good!
So, a small achievement of success can make us so happy and satisfied, why can't we build on this habit and make it a permanent habit or a second nature of ours. But what takes is a self-discipline, passion, the self-motivation to appreciate these small successes. The rewards are unbelievable.
Anybody, whether it be a child, men or women, the positive attitude leading to achievements and successes will change their life for good. If we put our mind to any task, small or big like cleaning a child's toy room, or completing homework, cleaning a garage, mowing the yard or cleaning a pantry. These tasks aren't difficult or hard but tedious and uninteresting. But passion, developing a habit to complete these tasks with enthusiasm and appreciating small successes will give a sense of achievements.
If we become passionate about all our jobs or activities, small or large, stay motivated, learn the discipline to complete them promptly and learn lifelong work ethics, the rewards will be unbelievable!! Our children can learn at a young age the same characters and qualities by our actions alone. Doesn't this make you happy and proud of your extraordinary achievements and reward filled successes, small but significant!

These successes may sound small to one who enjoys great successes in life. But most of us, who complete small tasks and achieving small successes, these lessons are priceless. They help break the mold of inertia. Achieving small successes will generate confidence and courage to take up big challenges in life.
So the lesson we learn here is to win over procrastination, create a passion and the motivation for any task or chores. Learn the habit to complete the task at hand with enthusiasm. The rewards will be satisfying and successes will be exhilarating.
"Sweet Success is contagious and addictive, but this addiction is worth having it!!"
Don't you all are with me on this? I believed so!
Deepak Mehta
All of us enjoy a success in all our endeavors, but I believe that the achievement does not have to be enormous. Even gaining victory over a bad habit of procrastination is a big deal. Because, the practice of putting off any task, big or small for no particular reason but sheer laziness that robs many of us achieving tremendous successes in our future endeavors. So it is a huge deal to gain victory over it.
My name is Deepak S. Mehta M.D. I am a retired Family Physician. I invite all of you to visit my website at http://www.discouragednotdefeated.com

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