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6 Great Ways to Inspire Success

Feeling FLAT or uninspired? Here are 6 brilliant ways to get you back on track and firing on all pistons, while gently shifting you into the mindset of INSPIRED SUCCESS

1. Have Intensely Desired Goals
Having intensely desired goals requires the knowledge of what you want and a deadline. The development of a plan for its achievement that you can work on incrementally everyday.
One of the most powerful ways to harmonize your mind and to trigger inspiration and creativity is to rewrite your goals in the present tense every morning.
When you sit and write out these goals, visualize yourself as if you have already achieved your desire. By doing this, you are burning your desires deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind, and activating and receiving inspiration from your super conscious mind. In this way, you will find yourself attracting more and more people into your life that are consistent with your goals by the nature of the law of attraction.
Using the process of reverse engineering and creating a mental picture of having already achieved your goal, sitting with the feeling of being proud, happy, relieved or exhilarated, physically changes areas of the brain that work together to create the way that you think and feel.
Scientific studies have been carried out which alert us to the fact that there are significant neurological changes made in the brain associated with visualization and reverse engineering.
You activate and accelerate your higher super conscious mind resulting in increased creativity and inspiration, by combining a clear mental picture of your goal with the same emotion that you would have if you had achieved it.
When I wanted to move from banking into television production, there were so many hurdles that were constantly pushed in my face from current peers in the stock market, to prospective peers who were already working in TV.
"Just keep working on your success in the financial markets, starting a TV career is ludicrous." I often heard.
Well, I was stubborn and I wouldn't hear any of it. Working in the financial markets was making me miserable and, despite everything pushing me against the change, I proceeded with an intense burning desire to become a television producer. I wanted more than anything to make my living in a creative field. And I did.

Emotion is the key to any inspiration that we draw from around us or within us. It's all about emotion. Look at the wonderful painters, musicians scientists, leaders and creators of our time. They are passionate with a burning desire.
The more intensely you desire a goal, the more rapidly it will materialize. Excitement, enthusiasm, intrigue, fascination, all these things I watch with amazement in my 4 year-old son as he explores the world. The success and the happiness we hope to achieve all lies within the engagement of passion and emotion we have towards a subject. We must FEEL IT.
The pace at which your mind will provide you with endless inspiration and creativity is directly proportional to the level of positive EMOTION you attach to the goal. PERIOD.

When you have learned the art of becoming solution oriented instead of problem focused, you develop an incredible skill to allow for creativity and further inspiration that hastens the attraction of the goal. The additional positive benefit of such pressure can provide you with the perfect environment to perform at your absolute best.
The absolutely majority of my corporate executive clients report that they operate best under pressure. When they have a deadline or pressure to perform, there is a part of their brain that is ignited, offering up a depth of inspiration and talent that they would otherwise not see.
Problems are inevitable and unavoidable, sometimes despite all of our best efforts, they arise. There is however a choice. We can choose how we are going to respond to them.
Problems can make you inspired and resourceful, they can also bring out your best qualities. Again this is a choice that we make. Each time you solve a problem constructively you develop greater resilience and create more and more positive experiences associated with problem solving. The result is enhanced insight and creativity into all future problem solving. Think about it, confidence in effective problem solving inspires growth and mental expansion, thereby increasing your creativity and furthering your success.
The only part of the problem of which you have any control is the way in which you respond to it.

4. Understand that GOALS are simply PROBLEMS
When you have a goal that you have not yet achieved, it is simply a problem that you have not yet solved.
An obstacle that stands between you and your goal is merely a problem. In fact, any limitation that you might have, such as ill-health, financial stressors or even relationship woes, are simply problems waiting for you to solve.
Success is defined as the ability to problem solve.
The key here is to follow this general rule: Don't let the problem get on top of you, get on top of the problem. When you reframe your thinking in this manner, you open yourself up to limitless creativity and inspiration for Success.

I used to work for an executive producer who demonstrated great leadership qualities in inspiring others to become problems solvers.
When I first started working for him and I had a problem or hurdle, I would immediately identify the issue and I would look to him for the solution. This EP said to me, from now on when you encounter a problem, before you come to me, I want you to identify a solution. Then when you come to me you can present the solution with the problem. He taught me to become a problem solver, and to be solution oriented.
Your job right here and right now is to be a professional problem solver. Your success in your career is determined by how effectively you solve problems and achieve the goals of your position.
Developing the skill to solve your problems through inspired creativity is without question the absolute key to success.
Many psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and mental health professionals have reported that the majority of their work with depressed patients is centered around regret, resentment or anger over something that happened to them in the past.
The most common statements they hear are all about regret, and almost always begin with words such as, "If only." It seems that unhappy people are held back by an event or situation that occurred in the past, relating to a parent, a sibling, a previous relationship, a boss, a business partner, a failed investment, or a financial mistake. What ever the issue is, its seems that they just cannot let go of it.
Life is forever filled with unexpected arising problems, temporary setbacks and failures. While such disappointments can be painful, it is how you process them that can ultimately affect your happiness and your future inspiration. Your access to creativity, and ultimately your future success is directly tied to your ability to let go of the past.
One of the most powerful things I have learned in my life is the ability to STOP looking backward and focus my attention forward. In this way I have literally been able turn my life into an inspired filled journey of intrigue and passion, rather than a daily grind of boredom peppered with hurt and regret.
There is no question that the conscious decision to let go of negative events of the past, triggers massive creativity, and a mountain of inspiration for success.
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