Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and family!!

What a beautiful country!

I have relatives all over Canada, many in Toronto, a bustling city famed for it's film making, amongst other things. I spent time there as a child. I was privileged to visit the amazing Niagara Falls, which I will never forget. 

In my 20's I visited Vancouver and Banff. British Columbia itself is beautiful. I spent time in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia to carry out a investigative project. I loved the city, bright and temperate, with many walks in Stanley Park and shopping trips, admiring the blossom in spring.

I also went to Banff, What a place!! Banff Springs Hotel was out of this world. My walk across a frozen Lake Louise is something I will hold in my memory Forever. 

Have a great day guys!

Shaleza xx

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