Monday, 3 August 2015

True Friendship

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Today I met my friend for lunch. He's one of my best friends, more like my little brother.
We first became friends when I was seventeen. He was sixteen and we went to affiliated, neighbouring schools and had a mutual friend.

When we first met, I had no idea that he would become such an important person in my life. It still seem strange that such a random group could lead to such a friendship, but I'm so glad it has!!

We've been friends through A Levels, University, even though we were not at the same establishment and throughout our adult lives. We have have spent many hours talking, sharing are achievements and our woes. We have spent many days hanging out, clubbing and recovering, all the while sharing our lives.

He is happily married to a lovely, strong lady and has two beautiful girls. He moved to the states some years ago, having excelled academically and has done well in his career. He has even just written a book, but you will hear more of that another time!!

I miss him dearly, but he visits at least yearly and always makes the time to meet and catch up with me. He has helped to shape me as a person and he has influenced my life for the better. 

Our true friends are to be cherished and appreciated, as come what may, they are always in our lives to support us, encourage us and help us find our way. There is no substitute for a true, loyal friend.

A, I am eternally grateful that you are part of my life.

Much love,


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