Sunday, 10 May 2015

How To Be Motivated - Get Up and Get Going!

How to be motivated. No Kidding!!! If you are like me, then know and starting and maintaining your plan of life has been a tough go. Struggling through life with no idea what you wanted or, if you did, how to sustain that momentum to always be moving towards your dreams. Motivation and inspiration are tough things to keep focused on, especially when those tough days come along or disappointment shows its ugly face.
Today I want to talk about moving forward and reaching whatever it is you desire. No matter what that THING is. The perfect career, the perfect relationship, the perfect health, the perfect whatever. Here are some tips to taking steps in the right direction.

1) The most important thing that you must sort out is what is your vision, your dream, your desire... Similar to the story about the lumberjack who took time to sharpen his axe versus the one who just keep chopping and chopping. The person who takes time to think, plan and take the steps laid out in the strategy has a significant higher percentage chance of succeeding than the one who goes on faith, hope and no strategy or direction. Take the time to establish what it is you are wanting. Desire your perfect scenario in your mind. You then must put thought to paper or processor. Something that you can refer back to, amend, rewrite or just remind yourself of.

2) In your plan, be sure to set measurable goals, not only outcomes but timelines also. You must lay out a schedule of what and when you will do and complete things. Important thing to remember is to not beat yourself up if you do not attain the schedule. Just reschedule it and keep going. The key here is that you have a plan that you can follow and that you can refer to if you ever find you are unsure of what your next step should be. You should break down your goals into weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. You can even go further than that if you like, do a 3, 5 and 10 year plan also. If you choose to expand you plan to this level (which I recommend), start with the further period out and work backwards. For example, your 10 year plan will help you establish what your 5 year should look like to accomplish the 10 year. Envision the end result of whatever timeline you create and work backwards on the steps needed to accomplish this.Then use this to create your daily plan, look at your weekly goal that you have established from longer term goals and establish what each day looks like.

3) And Finally, GO GO GO. take the steps you have planned, do the tasks, move move move. As mentioned, even if you don't achieve what you laid out for yourself, DO NOT STOP!!! Chances are you are that much closer to your goal, plus you have a plan and vision of what you are working towards anyways. Do not get stuck in negativity or self-defeating thoughts or actions, stay focused. The main thing that most successful people have in common, is their energy, they don't stop. Even if something happens, some hiccup or detour in the plan, they keep get up, get ready and GO!
I hope this helps. It really is this simple, but it takes commitment, planning and an ability to revisit your goals and dreams, to remind you of why you must get through the bad days, the challenges, the refusals.
Good luck and, as always, I wish you Great Health & Great Wealth.
$ - Grant O'Kane (Kano)
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