Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monday Motivation

Monday motivation is difficult to find, but why is that? 

Monday is the first day of the working week, so we should be motivated, enthusiastic and ready for the week ahead, anxious to do all the joyous activities, be they work, rest or play for the upcoming week. 

The only reason many are not motivated and enthusiastic on a Monday is that we simply don't enjoy what we're doing, especially in terms of work. 

Those of us in this predicament need to reassess our situation, our jobs and pinpoint what we are unhappy with, decide what we do want to do and formulate a plan with set goals, which should be detailed and specific. Only then will we know what to focus on to attain our objectives.

When this happens, we can turn our Mondays into a day to celebrate. After all, all time is precious and every day as valid as the all others. 

Time waits for no man, so let's appreciate each  and every moment!!

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